May Fitness

Physical Challenge for April

***Yoga/Stretching ***

Let’s really focus on stretching all of our muscles this month. I highly recommend taking a Yoga, Stretch and Flex, or a Pilates class somewhere. You can usually take these classes at your neighborhood YMCA, Community College, or Fitness Center. If you have kids, they YMCA is a great option. While you are working out, you can enroll your kids in something as well. If you don’t have kids, your Community College is a very affordable option. You can also get a video to do at home, just make sure you do it!

Try to do yoga, pilates, stretching at least 3 days a week this month. Add at least 2 days of cardio into your week as well, to keep that fat burn going. Yoga and pilates are also good ways to get some weight bearing exercising in by using your own body weight. If you are nervous about doing weight lifting, yoga and pilates are great places to start. They both also help you with balance as well as awesome core work. They help you to build and stabilize your back and ab muscles. If you can find a Yogilates class, you get a little of both and a little less of the “spiritual” side of yoga.

It is so important to keep your full range of motion throughout your life. Think of all the activities that get harder as you grow older because your body doesn’t move as well as it used to. Keeping yourself limber and stretched well will keep you able to do those activities even longer.

We are half way through April, how’s it going?

How are your splits going? I am focusing on legs and cardio for the next 3 days, then on to upper body. I did core work last week. Even if you can only fit in 10 push ups (on knees or toes) for your upper body work, that’s a good start. Do what you can with the time you have. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest, so pump that iron! Debyi

Are you eating your veggies?

How are you doing with your vegetables? Were you able to eat at least 1 cup most days last week? To get you closer to your 1 pound of raw vegetables every day, let’s aim for at least 1/2 a pound every day. If you can get at least 1 cup every day, add another 1/2 a cup this week. So, 1 1/2 to 2 cups of raw vegetables this week. Potato chips don’t count though 🙂 Branch out and try some vegetables you’ve never had before. You can always google them & find what they are, how to pick them & recipes to make them. Please share any recipes or vegetables you really liked & I will share those with everyone.

How are you doing on your raw veggies??

Had any yummy veggies today?  I had a great salad today, not quite a pound, but more than a cup.  I had more fruit than veggies today, but fruit is good too.  One of my new favorite vegetables is Swiss Chard.  It comes in green or rainbow varieties.  The leaves are green on all of them, but the stalks come in different colors.  You really only use the leaves, the stalks are tough (but you can save them to use in making your own vegetable broth).  Chop the leaves up into small pieces & add them to soups, pasta, salad, etc.  Yummy!  Debyi