August Fitness

Physical Challenge for August

***Upper Body ***

Lets really focus on our upper body this week. It is used so much in our everyday lives, but we don’t always remember to really focus with our weights, we usually use our time to focus on our hips & backside That we forget about our arms. The muscles to remember are triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, back (upper & lower), & deltoids (medial, anterior, & posterior). You can separate your arms into 3 different workouts:

An example:

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Back & Triceps

Thursday: Core & Yoga/Stretching

Friday: Biceps & Legs

Saturday & Sunday: REST!

It doesn’t take 1 ½ hours at the gym to really work your muscles well, just focus on what you are doing & do each rep with all you have.

August Challenge

August 2007 Monthly Challenge

Wow! Where did July go? August just snuck up on me. I guess I have just been enjoying the rain we have been getting. Well, the busy season is over, so I should be able to be in touch more this month. I hope everyone enjoyed their fruit this last month, I know I did! I made a fruit salad every week, very yummy. Here are the challenges for August.

Nutritional Challenge for August: We are still eating our 1 pound of raw vegetables daily as well as our 1 pound of cooked veggies, 1 cup of beans/legumes & 4 fresh fruits per day. Here is the next step:

August: *** Just 1 serving a day of starchy vegetables & whole grains ***

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Fruit Pizza

Just wanted to let you know that the fruit pizza turned out good.  Next time, I will cook the crust a little longer before adding the fruit, & either serve it cool, or just warm it in the oven to serve it.  Debyi

Fruit, Fruit, Fruit!

How is everyone doing on their fruit intake?  I am going to make a fruit pizza today, I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I made my normal pizza dough, but I add 2 TBSP of sugar to it before I kneaded it.  My plan is to roll it out, top it with a little cream cheese (soy cream cheese for those of you avoiding dairy) & a little apricot jam.  On top of that, sliced strawberries & kiwi, then sprinkle some blueberries & cinnamon, a little wheat germ & flax seed.  We’ll see how it tastes.  I’m probably going to bake it half way before I add the toppings, then put it back in the oven afterwards.  You could serve it warm with a little soy/rice/milk ice cream, or cold.  The raspberries at Costco right now are really good, they freeze well too.  We are still in berry season, they work great as cereal toppers!  An easy & yummy way to add in some fruit.