February 2010 Daring Bakers – Tiramisu


The February 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen and Deeba of Passionate About Baking. They chose Tiramisu as the challenge for the month. Their challenge recipe is based on recipes from The Washington Post, Cordon Bleu at Home and Baking Obsession.

For the recipe & to see others results go to The Daring Kitchen!

This one is going to be short & sweet, maybe a little disjointed, sorry.  Our challenge was Tiramisu!  YUM!

We had to make our own ladyfingers & marscapone.  I was really excited to make this one, but then ended up not having the time I wanted, so I had to make it all in one day.  For my ladyfingers, I used egg replacer for the eggs and added vanilla extract.  They were good, but made 1/4 of what I needed, so I made individual tiramisu’s in ramekins instead of the 8×8 pan called for.  I made Brianna’s marscapone recipe with almond butter instead of the cashew butter she used.  I left out the pastry cream, used soyatoo whipped topping from the box & whipped in some almond extract, made the zabaglione with tofu, sugar, the marsala wine, vanilla extract & lemon zest.  I dipped the ladyfingers in double chocolate coffee mixed with rum extract & sugar, topped it with cocoa.  I would like to try this again when I have a little more time & can play with the ladyfinger recipe again.  The zabaglione came out great.


The flavor is good, a little too coffee flavor for me, but I don’t like coffee.  I would prefer soaking mine in either green tea or earl grey.


I also should’ve soaked the ladyfingers one more second, they were still a little chewy, or let the cake rest a few more hours for the zabaglione to soak in more.


Overall, it is very good & will enjoy every bite.  I will be  making this one again.