About Debyi

 Location: Prescott, AZ

Age: 33

Gender: Female


Who am I? My name is Debyi. I am a low-fat vegan, this means that I don’t eat any animal products. Why do I eat this way? Well, I do it for my health. I want to be the healthiest I can be for as long as possible. Removing animal products from your diet has been proven to lower cholesterol, reduce & even remove heart disease risk & protect you from diabetes. I have learned how to cook without eggs, oils or added fat. I have more energy & just feel better all around. I love to cook, bake & eat, so I have spent the past year trying out & coming up with recipes that I would love to share with others & help them to become the healthiest they can be. I believe that a diet high in whole plant foods (fruits & veggies) & low in animal products & refined, processed foods is the healthiest way to live.


I have a husband, K, who has put together this site for me & also takes the pictures (as well as being a taste tester & great critic).


Why don’t I use oils or added fats? I prefer to get my fats directly from the source, especially since processed oils have been found to contribute to cancer & heart disease. What do I use instead? I use broth or water for sautéing, applesauce, flax seeds, mashed bananas & prune puree for baking. I include avocados, nuts, & seeds to make sure I’m getting all of my essential fatty acids. These are all excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.


I feel that food feeds our senses & makes a big impact on our lives, emotionally & physically. Food is a joy to me & cooking relieves stress & is an adventure in flavor everyday. I am hoping that this blog will help others to see that eating healthy can be rewarding for your tastebuds & your body!


Interests: Cooking


Exercise (aerobics & weights)

Hiking with my husband

Music – singing & boppin’

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