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Dagoba Chocolate

I was making some matcha tea bread with a chocolate filling, so I needed to get some chocolate. I thought I would get a chocolate bar instead of chips to put in the recipe and found myself standing in front of the chocolate section trying to narrow down my choices (not an easy task for a chocoholic). I found a brand that was on sale, so that helped to narrow my choices a little. I new I wanted a dark chocolate, narrowing my choices still further. I ended up looking at Dagoba Chocolates, they have quite a few dark chocolates, so I looked at the percentage of cocoa in the bars and settled on two choices: the Eclipse bar with 87% and the Xocolati with 74%. I figured I would use the Eclipse bar in the recipe, but since I was buying chocolate, I might as well have one to nibble on during the week too. I tasted a little of each kind just to be sure and here is what I think of them.

dagoba-eclipse-chocolate-wrapper.jpg        dagoba-eclipse-chocolate-bar-1.jpg

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Tea.  My favorite drink next to water.  I like it warm or cold, with a meal or just on its own.  I like green, black, white, red (rooibos), herbal, oolong, they are all good.  Personally, I don’t care for tea bags, I prefer loose tea, and I found a great place to get my tea and an easy (and quicker) way to brew my tea.  I was researching loose teas a couple of years ago and came across Adagio Teas (Adagio Teas – Best Tea Online) and fell in love with their products.  They have high quality, yet affordable teas.  My first purchase was their Tea Starter:
Tea Starter Set

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Salad Dressing

Each month, I go through all of my old magazines for that month just to get some ideas and for some fun.  I will set some aside that have some recipes I want to try.  Well, I was looking through Eating Well from December of 1997 and their Earl Grey Vinaigrette.  It sounded interesting and I finally got around to making it.  I tweaked the recipe a little because I don’t use oil and I can never find champagne vinegar.  I also didn’t have any shallots on hand, so I used the onion powder.  Here is what I came up with.

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What tofu do you like?

For baking with tofu or making pudding, etc. I always use Mori Nu –


This works really well.  It blends great for salad dressings, & puddings.  It also makes a great egg replacer in baked goods. 

For cooking, this is my favorite tofu to use:


It comes in firm and extra firm.  Even without pressing it, it stays firm and soaks up whatever flavoring you put with it.  This is my hubby’s favorite dinner item, especially if its paired with Hoisin sauce!

Some Yummies & taste tests

Here are some food items that I have tried this past year:

First up: Raspberry Preserves from Costco


Walls Berry Farms Raspberry preserves is sooooo good!  It tastes amazing on croissants, and makes an awesome raspberry sauce for anything chocolate.  If you can find it (only offered seasonally at Costco, I always get 2 when they have it), give it a try.  Tres Yummy!

Next up, Naked Juice Orange Juice


I really like this juice.  We use this every morning in our smoothies.  Sometimes I’ll combine it with pomegranate, cherry, grape, or apple juice (which is also good).  It has a nice fresh taste and mixes in really well and doesn’t overpower anything in our morning smoothies.

What’s next? Organic Food Bars – Vegan and Active Greens


There are numerous other flavors and I have liked all of the ones that I have tried (blueberry and chocolate chip are both yummy).  These make a great meal replacement for those days when you are running around doing errands, or are on a long hike.  It works great too for when your hubby is out all day and you know he’s not going to stop to eat anything, so I make sure he has one of these with him.

Lastly, Whole Soy Yogurt


I like this yogurt too.  I use the plain & vanilla flavored for baking, and once in a while I’ll get the fruit flavored ones to mix with granola for a nighttime snack.  Whole Soy & Co. is usually a little cheaper than Silk, so that’s why I go with it. 

Bonus pix:

img_2283.jpg    img_2288.jpg

Some yaki soba – I’ll share the recipe later, it was yummy!!

Monsoon season has arrived!

I am so excited!!!  The rains have come!  That’s actually very good considering there is a big fire about 35 miles from here.  I absolutely love this time of year, we get awesome thunder and lightening shows and we get downpours that last for 10 to 30 minutes followed by light drizzle.  It also helps to cool us down by 20 degrees or so.  YEAH!!!  I love running around outside barefoot when its raining, makes me feel like a kid again without a care in the world.  Hopefully it lasts the whole season (through September).