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New Challenge Starts Today!

Don’t forget to check out the challenge below!  It’s just a compilation of everything we have done so far this month.  You can do it, just take it one day & one step at a time.  Tonight while you are making dinner, you can prep your baggie of veggies to snack on during the week.  If you just don’t have the time or desire to do that, you can buy veggies already cut up for you at the grocery store, it couldn’t be easier.  For soup this week, I am making a white beans & rice soup with dumplings.  I am only adding the dumplings the night we eat the soup as our main meal.  Don’t forget to avoid trans fats!  Try something new this week like sweet potatoes instead of regular, or maybe some quinoa or couscous instead of rice. 

Don’t Get Discouraged

For all of you trying to lose weight or stick with an exercise routine, don’t get discouraged when you “fall off the wagon”.  It’s okay to take an extra rest day once in a while to keep yourself focused or on track.  It’s good to have a “cheat” meal once a week, it keeps you from feeling deprived & can even help you to stick with your diet. 

When you are losing weight or starting to workout, its good to have a goal, but you also need a plan or a strategy of how you will achieve that goal.  You can’t just say “I’m going to lose 20 pounds”, you need to have a plan on how you will lose those 20 pounds.  Are you going to start jogging, or lifting weights.  Maybe you will start Jenny Craig or cut out all red meat from your diet.  Whatever your plan is, as a motivator, you nee to write out your goal & put it up where you will see it every day, to help keep you focused on the prize.  You can have it in a journal, or tape it to your bathroom mirror.  You should try to tell someone about it so you can have an accountability partner to keep you on track.  If you are someone who can stick to a plan on your own, wonderful!  Maybe you can be an accountability partner for someone else, help them to stay on track.  Encouraging others & being encouraged helps reaching your goals a whole lot easier. 

A mental challenge

Well, its sort of a mental challenge. What are your stumbling blocks to working out & eating right. The mental part of it, I think is at least 90% of the battle. I hope you can find something in this article that will help you stick to a healthy eating & workout routine. For those of you who are fired up & ready to go, Amen sista!!! Stick to it.

Stumbling Blocks? Stack Them Up…And then Climb Over Them! By Dale Murrie, FIRM Master Instructor

Okay so it’s a brand new year, a brand new you, a clean slate, a fresh start! You’ve heard it all & it’s true! Embrace it & make it work for you in 2007. What’s keeping you from being the ultimate you? What are your weaknesses & how do you overcome them? We all have some weakness that we want to overcome: splurging with friends on a Friday night, spending more time with the TV than our families, overpaying for those high sugar, high fat coffee drinks, making excuses & not working out… So, HOW do we overcome these weaknesses? What are the steps we can take?

Stumbling Block #1: Commitment
First of all, you have to WANT to overcome that weakness with all that you have OR you are doomed from the start. You have to COMMIT to it; not just a casual commitment, but a serious, heartfelt commitment to whatever it is you’re striving to overcome.
In order to achieve that level of commitment, you have to make yourself accountable. Tell people. Let those around you support your new commitment! Ask your friends & family to encourage & then applaud you as you make changes for your new way of life. I always tell myself that it takes a village to make something happen. I reflect on this in terms of raising my daughter; I need support! Rely on your support system to help you.

Stumbling Block #2: Fear of Failure
Then you HAVE to visualize yourself being successful at overcoming your weaknesses! Play out the scenarios in your mind. How will you feel if you fail & go back to your old behaviors? Visualize your daily activity & attitude.
Now, how will you feel if you are successful? Again, visualize your daily activity & attitude, but with this newly achieved success! Let the strength of this visualization motivate you to keep your commitment & stick to it!

Stumbling Block #3: Negativity
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! I feel like we always tear ourselves down & focus on the negative. Let it go!
Surround yourselves with positive people & positive images in your life. They will lift you up so that you can believe in yourself!

I truly believe that by making the commitment, visualizing your success with it, & believing in your self, you will become what you want. This is the ONLY true road to success. It all lies within YOU. Don’t blame any other factors for not being successful! So commit to the new you, visualize the new you, & believe in the new you. BECOME THE NEW YOU that you strive to be in 2007!