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Don’t Get Discouraged

For all of you trying to lose weight or stick with an exercise routine, don’t get discouraged when you “fall off the wagon”.  It’s okay to take an extra rest day once in a while to keep yourself focused or on track.  It’s good to have a “cheat” meal once a week, it keeps you from feeling deprived & can even help you to stick with your diet. 

When you are losing weight or starting to workout, its good to have a goal, but you also need a plan or a strategy of how you will achieve that goal.  You can’t just say “I’m going to lose 20 pounds”, you need to have a plan on how you will lose those 20 pounds.  Are you going to start jogging, or lifting weights.  Maybe you will start Jenny Craig or cut out all red meat from your diet.  Whatever your plan is, as a motivator, you nee to write out your goal & put it up where you will see it every day, to help keep you focused on the prize.  You can have it in a journal, or tape it to your bathroom mirror.  You should try to tell someone about it so you can have an accountability partner to keep you on track.  If you are someone who can stick to a plan on your own, wonderful!  Maybe you can be an accountability partner for someone else, help them to stay on track.  Encouraging others & being encouraged helps reaching your goals a whole lot easier. 

7 Tips To Healthy Weight Loss

Do the words DIET or WAY OF EATING give you nightmares? Do you get stressed out just thinking about those words? Well, losing weight doesn’t have to be about deprivation, starvation, or counting your carbs. You can lose weight naturally with just switching up or adding a few things to your daily eating habits.

1. Add unrefined whole grains like whole wheat bread, rolled oats or steel cut oats instead of quick cooking oats, brown rice instead of white, etc.

Try using different types of whole grains in your cooking to add a little variety, some good ones are quinoa, whole wheat couscous (actually a pasta), whole wheat (or at least 50% whole grain) pasta, & bulgur. The more whole grains you add, the less room you will have for all the processed & refined foods that leave you feeling hungry & pack on the pounds. An easy way to check if something contains whole grains is to look for the word “whole” in the ingredients. 100% whole-wheat should be the first ingredient. If it just says “wheat flour”, then it is white flour that is brown in color. When you are baking & your recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, use ½ cup white flour & ½ cup whole wheat flour until you get used to the taste & texture, then move to ¼ cup white & ¾ cup whole wheat until you can use all whole wheat. You can go straight to all whole wheat, which would be best, but sometimes it is easier to stick with it if you make the change gradually.

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