Dagoba Chocolate

I was making some matcha tea bread with a chocolate filling, so I needed to get some chocolate. I thought I would get a chocolate bar instead of chips to put in the recipe and found myself standing in front of the chocolate section trying to narrow down my choices (not an easy task for a chocoholic). I found a brand that was on sale, so that helped to narrow my choices a little. I new I wanted a dark chocolate, narrowing my choices still further. I ended up looking at Dagoba Chocolates, they have quite a few dark chocolates, so I looked at the percentage of cocoa in the bars and settled on two choices: the Eclipse bar with 87% and the Xocolati with 74%. I figured I would use the Eclipse bar in the recipe, but since I was buying chocolate, I might as well have one to nibble on during the week too. I tasted a little of each kind just to be sure and here is what I think of them.

dagoba-eclipse-chocolate-wrapper.jpg        dagoba-eclipse-chocolate-bar-1.jpg

The Eclipse Bar with 87% cocoa is described as an extra dark chocolate. It tasted really good, definitely for dark chocolate lovers. It is not real sweet, which worked well in my bread, but has a great chocolate flavor. If you are a milk chocolate lover, this one may be a little bitter for you to start with, you may want to try a bittersweet/semisweet chocolate first. I would recommend this one for nibbling and for baking.

dagoba-xocolatl-chocolate-wrapper.jpg    dagoba-xocolatl-chocolate-bar-1.jpg    dagoba-xocolatl-chocolate-bar-3.jpg

The Xocolati Bar with 74% cocoa is made with dark chocolate, chilies, and cacao nibs. Now, my first taste of this was more “Oh my goodness” that yum. This one is not for the weak, not only is it a dark chocolate (not much sugar in this one either), but it contains nibs (no sugar at all) and spicy chilies. If you like your foods bland, stear clear. The more I ate it, the more I wanted! This one turned out really good, but I’m not sure if I would bake with it a whole lot, except maybe in truffles, but I highly recommend this one for the adventurous and love of heat.

They have quite a few flavors, check them out, just click here: Dagoba Chocolate 

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