Easter Time Snow

Well, it usually snows around here on Easter, or thereabouts.  So, on Sunday, it snowed all day.  It was snowing really hard in the morning, but by lunch, most of it had melted, well it kept snowing all day and here is what I found on Monday morning when I woke up:

march-snow-porch.jpg    march-snow-side.jpg    march-snow-porch-1.jpg

Okay, so I forgot there was a screen on our side window.  About 5 minutes after taking the pictures, my f-i-l came by and shoveled our porch for us, so, no more snow.  By lunch time, the snow had melted off all of the trees, so there was only about 1/2″ left on the ground.  It was beautiful while it lasted and the snow falling on Sunday was absolutely beautiful and relaxing! 

With all of that said, I am  definitely ready for spring to come! 

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