How did your snacks go?

How did you do today?  I did pretty good.  I had carrots and broccoli for one snack and an apple for the other.  I did have some soy ice cream for dessert after dinner, which isn’t technically a snack, but still not a fruit or veggie. 

Food for Thought

Things we should/shouldn’t eat to keep us young & healthy.  We know most of it, but it was a good reminder.
Five to AVOID
1. Saturated Fat
2. Trans Fat (anything that says Partially Hydrogenated)
3. Sugar
4. High Fructose (again, sugar)
5. Enriched flour, enriched wheat (this means they took the good stuff out and put a little back in!) Instead go for whole grain.
The 5 to Eat Often
1. Nuts — esp. almonds and walnuts — NOT roasted ones!
2. Spinach
3. Tomato/tomato sauce — he said the sauce is really better b/c the oils help you get the lycopenes (antioxidants) out of the tomato. So if you eat the tomato, make sure it has a little oil w/ it.
4. Garlic — cancer fighter!
5. Pomegranetes

one more water tidbit:

When you’re hungry, your body may really be thirsty. Well, does that really make sense, because when you think, when I’m hungry, I’m HUNGRY, I’m not THIRSTY.Here is another way to explain it. When your body thinks it won’t get enough real water, it knows it can draw water out of the food you eat, so it will increase your appetite to get it. Duh!

Tomorrow we leave 25% of our meals on our plates.  I think, for me anyway, mainly applies with dinner.  Breakfast and lunch are usually pre-portioned without the opportunity for seconds.  Let me know how you do.  Debyi

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