how’d you do?

For the week (July 27 – August 7, 2006): Eat at least 5 colors of fruits & vegetables today.  The more diverse the colors are, the more vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants you’ll get. Ex: red apple, blueberries, green lettuce, orange carrots and yellow corn.   

Thurs, July 27: Avoid all trans fats today.  These are the nasty little fats that raise your cholesterol. Look for the word ‘partially hydrogenated’ & steer clear.  Many trans fats are found in packaged crackers, cookies & cereals.

I did good on my 5 colors: red grapes, blueberries, orange peach, green salad, purple cabbage (on my salad).  Trans fats – well, I did good until snack shop time, then I got a package of oreo type cookies with partially hydrogenated oil.  Darn those sugar cravings!

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