How’d you do?

How did you do?  Did you drink only water today?  I didn’t even drink my tea today, mainly because I was running so late this morning, I barely had time to eat breakfast.  Were you able to wait for 10 minutes before taking seconds today?  I did really good until dinner, I think I only waited about 4 minutes before scooping up one more ladle of soup.  Here is an interesting thing I found about caffeine.  Makes you think before picking up that can of pop or that cup of tea. 

You should limit caffeine intake to one cup a day. Caffeine tends to stimulate insulin secretion & it also tends to stimulate people’s hunger. Try to limit it to 1 cup a day. This limit includes coffee, soft drinks, & ice tea. Be aware that there’s a lot of caffeine in commercially prepared iced teas. If you brew your own ice tea at home, using decaffeinated teabags or herbal teas, that’s fine. Soft drinks are some of the worst offenders. Some diet sodas have up to 2or 3cups of coffee worth of caffeine in them. That’s why your kids love them so much. Soft drinks give them a nice rush of energy. I know some of you will find this hard, but you must work to reduce or eliminate your daily caffeine fix. After an adjustment period, you’ll notice you feel much better without it.

Have you chopped up your carrot sticks for tomorrow yet?  Sweet potatoes are also good raw, mix a few in with your carrots and celery to give a little variation.  I also love red bell peppers sliced up , although it took a while to like them without some sort of dressing. 


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