Mad Cow found in Dairy Products! WHAT!!!

I was just reading the April newsletter from Dr. John McDougall and I am even more thankful that I am not only a vegan, but am lactose intolerant!!!  Just in case you need another reason to stop eating that cheese and using cow’s milk on your cereal, here is a link to the article: Mad Cow Proteins Detected in Dairy Products.  It is the second article (you’ll need to scroll about half way down the page).  They have found not only mad cow, but also bovine lukemia in off-the-shelf milk products.  You can obtain all of the vitamins and minerals that you need from vegetable sources that are more easily digested than they are in milk products anyway, so why eat them!  There are a couple of other good articles in that newsletter, so please, read all of them, they aren’t very long, it’ll only take you a few minutes. 

On a different topic, Dr. McDougall also talks about how to Cut Our Food Costs.  He gives some great tips, like being able to eat for $3.00 a day, check it out. 

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