More on my Alaska Cruise

Still in Hoonah (Icy Straight Point)

img_0193.jpg    img_0199.jpg    img_0376.jpg

K and I went to a cooking class, now I don’t have too many pictures to show for this one because I was still an omnivore then, and I don’t want to offend anyone by showing what they made.  We did have some beer marinaded halibut, dry rub salmon, crab, baked beans and coleslaw.  It was really interesting though. 

img_0378.jpg    img_0383.jpg

Next stop, Ketchikan. 


We went on a zip line!!!  It was sooo much fun! Our group was full of Arizonans, the other family there was from Phoenix and Show Low, pretty cool. 

img_0417.jpg    img_0218.jpg    img_0418.jpg   

Next up, the rope bridge:

img_0428.jpg    img_0436.jpg    img_0213.jpg

That night, a midnight buffet with CHOCOLATE!!!  There was other food there too, but I just went for the chocolate and the bread.  The ice sculptures were amazing.  Sorry about the blur factor, but the ship was rocking a little. 

img_0461.jpg    img_0460.jpg    img_0462.jpg

I promise, I’ll wrap this up tomorrow.  If you ever get the chance to go on a cruise, go for it!  Even if they don’t cater specifically to vegans, there are enough buffets and usually a health food bar for you to pick and choose from.  Happy traveling!

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