My favorite day of the cruise!

Our first stop on the cruise (and our first excursion) was in Skagway, Alaska.  We signed up for a hike through the rainforest area with a guide, it was even better than I thought it would be.  The day started out pretty windy and chilly, so I was a little nervous, but as soon as we got to the trailhead, the wind was gone.  It was a beautiful hike!  We first got off the ship and walked around the town of Skagwaya little:

img_0347.jpg    img_0348.jpg

Next stop was the train ride to the trailhead.  The ride wasn’t too long, about 15 minutes.  My in-laws got to ride the train the whole way around, about a 2 hour ride I believe. 

img_0083.jpg    img_0315.jpg    img_0349.jpg

Next stop, the trailhead, although, first we had our instructions and were handed out bum bags to carry our water and a snack of peanuts and snickers.  Our guide also showed us where we were and where we were going:

img_0314.jpg    img_0316.jpg    img_0343.jpg

The views on the hike were amazing!  We saw a river and a gorgeous waterfall, there was a fallen tree that had little baby trees growing on top of it and a tree that had fallen down and took a big chunk of the trail with it.  

img_0318.jpg    img_0332.jpg     img_0336.jpg    img_0339.jpg

Now, this innocent looking plant is called Devil’s Club, for good reason.  It is also affectionately called wipers nightmare.  The top of the leaf looks all nice and soft and the size is great for those emergency bathroom situations (not during a guided hike, of course) and a lot of hikers in the Canada/Alaska area happen upon this plant.  Well, the underside is full of spiky thorns that lodge themselves in your skin, through your clothes, even your shoes if you’re not careful.  Luckily, I missed brushing in to one, but my husband was not so lucky.  He was helping up another hiker who had slid and fell, and he ended up leaning right into one.  He was able to get all the thorns out, but his skin was red for about 3 days. 


On our way back to the ship, we were able to get some good pictures:

img_0350.jpg    img_0353.jpg    img_0354.jpg

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