New week of challenges

How did you do last week?  Which challenge was the easiest?  How about the hardest?  Todays challenge just reminded me how bad I ate today.  I had a good breakfast, but then I had leftover Come Alive dinner for lunch (too big a portion), a 3 Muskateer bar, popcorn, a good dinner, but then ice cream for dessert.  Oh well, I can do better tomorrow.  This weeks all week challenge is one of last weeks daily challenges, but its a good one.  Here they are:

For the week (July 18-24, 2006): Drink a large glass of water (at least 12 oz) before each meal & snack.  This one helps you to feel full and helps with your water consumption. 

Tues, July 18: Have a protein-based breakfast!  egg whites, cottage cheese or a protein smoothie. 

Wed, July 19: Don’t eat while standing up, while on the phone or in front of the tv!  This can have a huge impact on weight loss.  You usually eat too much too quickly. 

Thurs, July 20: Eat your sandwich open faced, to cut down on both calories & carbohydrates.  If you don’t eat sandwiches, find another serving of starch to cut out today. 

Fri, July 21:Eat at least 5 colors of fruits & vegetables today.  The more diverse the colors are, the more vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants you’ll get. Ex: red apple, blueberries, green lettuce, orange carrots and yellow corn.   

Sat, July 22: Eat 2 servings of vegetables with both lunch & dinner. 

Sun, July 23: Avoid salt. Do not use the saltshaker & try to avoid any processed foods that are high in sodium.  You’ll lose water weight instantly.   

Mon, July 24: Make dinner your smallest meal of the day & breakfast your largest.  You’ll be energized all day. 

For tomorrow – 96 oz of water, drink at least 12 oz of water before every meal & snack & start the day off with protein!!!  Debyi

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