Tea.  My favorite drink next to water.  I like it warm or cold, with a meal or just on its own.  I like green, black, white, red (rooibos), herbal, oolong, they are all good.  Personally, I don’t care for tea bags, I prefer loose tea, and I found a great place to get my tea and an easy (and quicker) way to brew my tea.  I was researching loose teas a couple of years ago and came across Adagio Teas (Adagio Teas – Best Tea Online) and fell in love with their products.  They have high quality, yet affordable teas.  My first purchase was their Tea Starter:
Tea Starter Set

It comes with 4 sample tins of either black, green, flavors, or herbal teas and a 16 oz teapot that you set over your mug and it drains into it.  We use ours just about every day.  Ours isn’t quite as pretty looking as the picture above because we have used it so much (and have hard water), but it still works just as good as the first time we used it.  You just put 2 tsp of loose tea into the teapot, pour in your water and let it steep, then you place the teapot over your mug and let it drain (it drains quickly).  It is also easy to clean (we don’t have a dishwasher, but it is dishwasher safe), just dump out the leaves and rinse out.

The sample tins, when empty of tea, work great as spice holders.  I buy spices in bags, not bottles, so I just open up the bag and pour my spices into the tin and store them in my pantry.  The tins are airtight and I can write the name of the spice on the top, its a great way to recycle and reuse, not to mention that spices in bags are usually a lot cheaper than buying them in the bottles.

If you have ever wanted to try some loose tea, check them out.  Adagio Teas also has tea bags and plastic bottles of iced tea that are yummy.  Check them out.

Adagio Teas – Best Tea Online

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