You Ready?

I have two challenges for you each week.  One challenge for the whole week (every day) and a different challenge each day, you would only have to try it for 24 hours.  I will have the same challenge for both the week and the days listed.  I will list the whole week worth of challenges.  Of course, the contimuing challenge is to get 96 oz of water.  Have you made it to at least 64 oz everyday without thinking about it too much?  I hope so.  Here we go:

For the week (July 11-17, 2006): Wait 10 minutes before taking a second serving of food – you won’t notice if you’re full for at least that long!

Tues, July 11: Avoid all caloric beverages today!  This means no juice, soda, or sugar sweetened drinks.  Its only for ine day, so be strong. 

Wed, July 12: Avoid all snack food today!  Eat only fruits & veggies as you in-between-meals nourishment.  This includes no trail mix, granola bars, etc.  You may need to plan ahead and buy an apple and some carrots for this one. 

Thurs, July 13: Leave 25% of each meal on your plate today.  Take note if you are any hungrier.  If not, you may be able to cut your portions without feeling any hungrier.  Portion size is the biggest barrier to weight loss. 

Fri, July 14:Drink a large glass of water (at least 12 oz) before each meal & snack.  This one helps you to feel full and helps with your water consumption. 

Sat, July 15: Free day, enjoy the Shaver party!

Sun, July 16: Don’t eat anything after dinner today

Mon, July 17: Write down everything you eat today – then evaluate how you did at the end of the day.  (This one is great to do everyday!)  Feel free to share if you want. 

For tomorrow – 96 oz of water, wait 10 minutes before taking seconds and no caloric beverages!!!  Debyi

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